Trust : faith in action

He created you and he know you completely. He understands your weaknesses and your desire to love him. Even when we feel as though we’ve failed him, he’s quick to receive you and prove his love for you

God had kept every promise he has ever made. This is why we can trust him with every aspect of our lives. We may falter and fail , but god doesn’t want us to focus on our failures. Instead he wants us to set our focus on him

While he doesn’t want us to yield to temptation, he know there will be times when we fail. But always remember we remain the beneficiaries of his endless grace and eternal life

God will never let us down

Hope you enjoyed your day and know god loves you

Living gods way

No matter where you are in life, odds are you’re thinking about your future – about finishing school or what you are going to do after school. You’re making decisions today that will affect the rest of your life. And with each choice you make, you’re trying to create the best life possible for yourself and those you love. Only God can help you live an extraordinary life.

When you place your hope in things like money, social status, achievements, you will crumble. Worldly comforts are no match to what lies a head and eventually all those worldly comforts will disappear

Get to know Him and to learn to get yourself out of the way so God can move in, He has a purpose for your life ( one of my favorite verses is from Jeremiah 29:11 ) when you finally see how loved you are and you’ll sense a desire within you to live for him

The Bible offers a number of principles for walking successfully with the Lord. It also teaches us how to live a strong, passionate, and committed life as we grow in our faith in him. The truth is that God will reveal his plans and purposes for our lives in time and he is shaping you into a reflection of his son

Hope you enjoyed your day and know that god loves you

Why I started this blog

Hello all and welcome to my blog- gods way and only his way

I have been wanting to start a blog for quite awhile but I was not quite sure what to write about (my life is just a little boring ) so I decided that I would pray about it and the more I prayed about it the more I wanted to get into it, so I decided that I would make a blog about my faith.

I have never done this before so please be patient with me. I want to tell you a bit about what I will be posting on the blog:

  • I will be posting a lot of pictures and verse
  • I will be posting about what I am reading at the moment towards the Bible and the Christian books I read
  • I might write a little sermon ones awhile

I hope that gives you a bit of a background of what I am going to be writing and posting. I just want to change the world by telling people about Jesus

Hope you enjoy your day and know god loves you